Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Speed Up Your Website Load Time

Word Press is a great platform, but sometimes you make your site go slowly, not..? In this article I will tell you How You Can Speed Up Your Website Load Time …

Why Website Speed is it important?

According to a report by the Microsoft Bing search team, 2 seconds delay the satisfaction of users reduces by 3.8% reactivity page, an increased loss of revenue per user of 4.3% and a clicks reduced by 4.3%.

Now, Google will also include the speed of your website while ranking a site, it will directly affect your SEO and your Alexa Rank.

Ways to improve the speed of your website:-

1. Use W3 Total Cache Plugin :

WordPress plugins are always useful to make a successful blog. Here I recommend you to use a plugin called W3 Total Cache that automatically deletes the cache file and saves your memory and increase your sites load faster time too. It is very easy to install and activate and manage. You can easily do so.

2. Disable Hot linking And Exploitation Of Your Content :

Hot linking is a form of bandwidth "theft." It occurs when other connected sites with the images on your site from their articles being borne by the increasingly high server.

3. Optimize WP Database :

There are many plugins available to use, but I recommend using WP-Optimize. This plugin allows you to do just one simple task: to optimize the database (spam, post revisions, drafts, tables, etc.) to reduce their overheads.

4. Choose a good host :

Without a host, you cannot host your website / blog, you need a good host first and we recommend that Dream host flat gives you $ 60 off with free domain for life after using the coupon code "TZL60". Dream host gives you unlimited bandwidth with unlimited storage and can good customer support desk to help you at any time.

5. Optimize Image By Using Plugin :

Image take much space and they also slow down your site that is not good for your site. Fortunately, there is a free plugin called WP Smush automatically reduces the image size without affecting the quality.

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